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Color Climax History

1966 The Danish brothers Peter and Jens set out to create "The First, the Biggest, the most Pornographic" magazine in the world - COLOR CLIMAX. At this time Pornography was still prohibited in Denmark, so they had to play a cat and mouse game with the police.

1968 The law was revised and Pornography became legal in Denmark. Copenhagen was flooded with tourists from all over the world, buying the hard-core COLOR CLIMAX Magazines they couldn't get in their countries.

1969 COLOR CLIMAX No. 86 was released, in full color and with a story line in 3 different languages. In an effort to live up to the promise of producing the best pornography, all profits were invested into color publishing presses, and additional help to write and translate the added storylines. It was a tremendous success!

1972 To respond to customer requests for even kinkier sex, COLOR CLIMAX No. 120 was released. It featured a black male model whose cock was so long, he could tie it in a knot! This issue was such a success that it is still in print today.

1975 Flooded with mail from models all over the world that were willing to show it all, we were in the fortunate position to be very selective. The applications ranged from your pretty girl next door, who wanted to fulfil her fantasy of appearing in an adult magazine, to top Hollywood porn stars attracted by the fame of our publications.

1996 This year marks our 30th Anniversary. After 30 years in pornography, from humble beginnings to being the largest producer of erotic material in Northern Europe, we have published over 3,000 different books and magazines with a grand total of over 140 million editions; 8 1/2 million films; and close to a million video cassettes. This year also marks our first year on the Internet!

2012 And in the tradition of being the best, we are very proud to have become today the most recognised Hardcore Adult Site of the Internet:

2018 HAPPY 50th ANNIVERSARY COLOR CLIMAX! We are now one of the very few Websites that offer you an unprecedented 50 Years of Legendary Pornography. Thank you to all our loyal Customers for making this possible!

"The First, the Biggest, the most Pornographic"